General Information Edit

The Kingdom of Tubet (KOT), was once the largest kingdom in PLACEHOLDER, stretching from coast to coast. Now, after The Great Rebel, the Kingdom resides in a large mountains and forest covered land in central PLACEHOLDER. While primary human, most races can be found in the Kingdom. Since the foundation of the Kingdom, a Tubet has always been in a position of power. This Kingdom values itself on its Monarchy. Those who remain true to the kingdom do so because of pride for their kingdom and their strong belief in the Tubet Bloodline. The name Tubet holds great power in PLACEHOLDER, and many will obey their word with unquestioning obedience.

History Edit

The First Men Edit

When the First Men began to migrate south, The Kingdom of Tubet was founded. Little is recorded of how the Kingdom came into existence, but what is known is that a Tubet has always been in power. Hundereds of generations since have held the throne. Originally, the Kingdom resided in The Plains. Through Great conquest, the kingdom spread west and did not stop until they hit the coast.

Conquest Edit

The Kingdom of Tubet has always been a militaristic Kingdom. Any chance a Tubet has a chance to show their power and assert dominance, they do. It has paid off for them as well. Once having the largest kingdom is proof of that.

The Elf Wars Edit

Generations after the First men had colonized the Plains , the country desired to expand west. In the heavily forest covered area, Eyanas had began expanding as well. These two clashed in the forest, fighting for the resource rich land. Because of the Tubets stratigic and more advance technology, the Eyanas did not stand a chance against. The KOT took the forest and pushed the elves back. Here is where construction on the great castle of the KOT began.

Once again, generations later, The KOT desired expansion. Continuing west, the Kingdom was faced with a much more prepared Elvish army of Eyanas. The second Elf war was fought for access to The Crater, this land was key to the success of both nations. Battles endured and the KOT took great losses. Eyanas harnessed the power of the crater to defend their land. But doing so was not enough. Again the size and technology of The kingdom of Tubet outnumbered those of the Eyanas. The KOT defeated the Eyanas forces and took control of land streaching from coast to coast.

Post War Edit

After The Elf Wars, The Kingdom of Tubet lived without threat. Their strength grew and their army was unmatchable. Any one who opposed them was quickly dealt with. Strong and unified, The Kingdom of Tubet florished for hunderend of years. Citizens lived in complete safety and Tubets ruled just, That is until the Rule of Radous Tubet.

Radous Tubets Rule Edit

Radous took the throne when he was 8 and since then The Kingdom of Tubet has been seen to be on a downfall to others. Radous has ruled with an iron fist, taking no note of how strong and peacefully his ancestors ruled. Since taking the throne, the power and lack of guidance had gotten to Radous's head. Increased taxes, attempts at genocide, and the most recent outlaw of magic and formation of the Mage Hunters, has lead to the downfall of this once great nation. Because of decisions made my Radous, rebel groups arouse form the kingdom and succeeded. This stated The Great Rebel. The Free States of the Plains took over the east and the Republic of Valadin took lands in the west. Today Radous is using what is left of his once great kingdom to rebuild and take back the lands they lost.

Important Information Edit

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