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The Great Rebel, was a conflict that resulted in a civil war in The Kingdom of Tubet. Due to the harsh ruling of Radous Tubet, many wanted to put an end to his ways and live safely once again. Those who believed this was, joined together and fought back against the kingdom. The country split into three, The Kingdom of Tubet, The Republic of Valadin, and The Confederate States of the Plains.

History Edit

Pre-War Edit

Tensions began to rise due to Radous Tubets rule. The unfair treatment of many of the countries citizes was the cause of this rebellion. The increased taxes of most goods left citizens poor and starving. The great country that accepted no one, no matter race, was burning dragonborn and Tiefling at the stake. Many fought for the right of these races, but the king did not care what these thought. He convinced many into his way of thinking. This sort of thinking did not end with races. When Radous's daughter fell ill, he called on healers and other mages to heal and hep her, but when they failed, he made magic his enemy. He declared magic unholy, making it illegal to practice, sell, or have magical abilities. He created The Magic Hunters, whose sole purpose were to hunt those who possessed magic. He created a spertist movement to punish all those who practiced magic. Those who did and were caught were killed. Most who sell magic items, or posses the gift of magic, had to go into hiding. This began to be too much for some citizens. Robert Valadin, lord of Crows Wood, strongly disagreed with his King. He began to rally his city, and those who he felt were loyal to him, to help him take the west and create a new better kingdom, The Republic of Valadin which it was soon to be named. Radous tried to end this uprising early on by stripping Robert of his title, but this didn't stop those of the west. Robert unified the west, all with a common belief that Radous no longer should be their ruler, and no longer did they want to be associated with such a kingdom. With word of rebellion spreading across the kingdom, others began to think they could create a better nation of their own. Many of the uncommon races joined together and plotted to build a land where they were to be ruled by no one but themselves. The Confederate States of the Plains was founded secretly, and planed to take action under the chaos of the rebellion that was bound to happen in the west.

The First Battles Edit

With Valadins unified west, Radous knew civil war was imminent. Valadin lead small attacks on the Kingdom. He targeted farming villages and supply lines, attempting to hurt Radous' resources. The first major battle took place when the rebel forces attempted to siege a weapons shipment coming from Aberenth. These weapons would be important to both sides of the war. Valadin lead his troops at night to the shipment. Here in the village of Blue Orchard, The two sides formally fought for the first time. It was a costly victory but Valadin came out with the weapons, but he suffered great causalities, and his left arm. These weapons would prove extremly important though for winning the war.

Many battles took place, Valadin was moving his forces back into Raven Wood, and Radous let him so he could gather his troops and give all he had.

The Battle of The Crows Wood Edit

An army of 20,000 men, most of KOTs troups, marched west into the Crows Wood. But Radous under estimated Valadins forces. An army that could not properly fight in a forest as dense as Crows Wood. Valadin, using groups no larger than 100, attacked the massive force throughout the woods. Using Gorilla warfare, Radous forces were reduced to 11,000 by the time they got to Crows Keep. The tired army attempted to siege the kingdom, but it wasn't enough. about midway through the battle, forces twice the size of that in the castle approached from behind. Knowing when they were defeated, the remaining 3,000 of Radous army surrendered, joining the Republic.

Post-War Edit

Radous left with with a small army and no resources was forced to surrender the west. He needed time to rebuild his forces and his now much smaller kingdom. Without the forces to defend it, many fled to the plains and claimed them for The Confederate States of the Plains. Valadin begain to create his new government, one in witch the people would have a say in. Now 50 years later. Radous has focused on building his Magic Hunters. While not the size of his previous army, these men are highly trained and are extremely dangerous. With the threat of these Magic Hunters, Valadin is worried about the safety of his new republic. Radous

Important Information Edit

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