General Information Edit

The Confederate States of the Plains, or The Free States, is located in the central of PLACEHOLDER. It includes 5 separate states which are free to govern and rule themselves if they choose. The Free States were founded with the goal of having a land where no Man, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, of any other race was ruled by anyone but themselves.

History Edit

During The Great Rebel, those who wished to be free of The Kingdom of Tubet (KOT), fought for and claimed the vast plain lands in the east of the kingdom. Those persecuted for their race or abilities with magic fled to the east. In the chaos of the uprising, troops were removed from the plains to fight the greater threat in the west. Using this opportunity, The Free Army took control of the plains.

The countries main goal was to not be a country, but to be a land were man could govern himself. No longer did these people want another governing how they lived. One central city Liber, was founded. This was a thriving city of the free people, and was used as a way to unite the free people. Although wanting to be free, race tensions still continued in this new land. Many refused to live in a city shared by other races. Since now being free, they naturally formed colonies with their own race.

The Free States of the Plains Edit

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