General Information Edit

The Republic of Valadin is located in on the western coast of PLACEHOLDER. This forest land once belonged to The Kingdom of Tubet, but since The Great Rebel, the west has been taken by the Republic. The people in The Republic of Valadin no longer wanted to live under the harsh ruling of The Tubets. These people wanted to create a government was decided by the people, not one man.

History Edit

During The Great Rebel, those who still desired a government but wanted to have a say joined Robert Valadin and his cause. Because of the unfair treatment of races other than men, and the banning and lynching of magic and its users, Robert Valadin lead a rebel against The Kingdom of Tubet. Rallying citizens together Valadin raised an army and fought against The Kingdom of Tubet. With his army Valadin took the western section of the Kingdom.

New Government Edit

Robert Valadin created a new republic for his citizens. His idea was that the citizens should have a say in who is in charge, not a blood line. When Valadins forces pushed back Tubets, forcing them to temperately surrender. He held an election for president, and won by a land slide. President Valadin set up a system where the citizens vote for laws and other important decisions that will effect the lives of those in the country. Each town has a representive whos citizens vote too. Then those representatives then report to the president with the vote. The President can then act on the decision.

In times when a decision needs to be made quickly, the president can act on his own. The citizens still vote and if the vote is opposite of what the president acted on, he must then reverse it.

Important Information Edit

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