General Information Edit

Eyanas is located in the north west of PLACEHOLDER. The vast heavily forest land is mainly populated by elves. Since before The First Men, the elves have lived in these forests. Many different tribes and cities of elves exist, but all live peacefully with one another. Deep spiritual connections to the forest have drawn elves to the forests for thousands of years. The elves of these forests value nature and put it before anything else.

History Edit

Before First Men Edit

Elves have lived in these forest before the time of The First Men. This time period The elves flourished. Not much in known about this time, but what is recorded shows that these elves lived peacefully.

The Human Wars Edit

When the man began to migrate south, conflict began for the elves or Eyanas. With mans desire for conquest, the elves land was threatened. Those form The Kingdom of Tubet posed the greatest threat to Eyanas. Unmatched with the militarily strength of the KOT, Eyanas could not defend them selves. Over many years The Eyanas lost their land, until all that they could defend was the northern forest.

Spirituality Edit

The elves of Eyanas are extremely spiritually connected to the forests on their land.


Important Information Edit

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